Approaching legal disputes, questions, and problems with professionalism, courtesy and competence

Our firm’s philosophy is to provide our clients with zealous advocacy through professional, courteous and competent legal representation. 

Whether your legal questions or problems involve any one or more of the following:

  • Making important decisions involving your will or trust, financial and medical powers of attorney, advanced directives (living wills) and estate planning,
  • Exploring options for the current or future care of an elder or disabled loved-one (including guardianships, conservatorships, and long-term care or placement),
  • Challenging the physical, emotional or financial treatment of an elder or disabled person (elder disputes),
  • Complying with formal or informal probate procedures following the death of a loved-one, or challenging the actions of one appointed (called the personal representative) to administer an estate, or
  • Defending against civil or criminal allegations of wrongdoing in your role as a fiduciary

we will treat you, your family, the opposing party and opposing counsel with professionalism and respect.  We will listen carefully to you, your concerns and your needs.  Zumalt Law LLC will provide comprehensive representation, whether that requires creative problem solving, original investigation, steadfast negotiations, or dedicated litigation.

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Legal issues, disputes, and problems may appear overwhelming and insurmountable, but you do not need to address them alone.  We invite you to call Zumalt Law LLC at 720.414.5950 to schedule your initial consultation.